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Residential Irrigation
​Free your time...

A residential irrigation system will save you time and effort whilst giving you peace of mind. You and your family can confidently go on holiday or stay at home and enjoy your beautiful garden.

Case Study - The Warren residential irrigation

The Warren

Explore this award winning Hertfordshire project by designer John Nash - irrigation by Watermatic.

Case study - Wealden Hall residential irrigation

Wealdon Hall

4000 m2 of lawn - irrigation by Watermatic.

Your garden needs us NOW!

Professional irrigation is essential to protect your valuable plants, shrubs and trees against inevitable future water shortages.

Please feel free to explore all our products and services. If you have any questions about any product or service not listed on our website, please do not hesitate to contact us no matter how small or large your needs are.
Our Services
Irrigation Design and Consultancy
We offer a full service of design, consultancy and management of all sizes of irrigation systems, large or small. Starting with the end in mind, we get involved right at the beginning of a project. This approach helps us to work with project planners to maximise value. Our staged installation approach means that important things are not omitted or left as afterthoughts too late to implement.

Watermatic constantly research and install the best products on the market, resulting in durable, cost effective irrigation systems.
Irrigation Installation

Watermatic Ltd specialise in gathering water, using it, applying it, storing it and disposing of it. We install irrigation for both New Builds and Retrofits. This often includes rainwater harvesting and grey water recycling which are increasingly required to help with Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SuDS).

Irrigation Service and Maintenance
Watermatic Irrigation Service and Maintenance
Our irrigation maintenance team at work
As with all automatic systems, preventative maintenance is required to ensure reliability and a long healthy life for your irrigation system. 

At the end of every installation we offer training to you or your gardener to enable simple maintenance schedules to be undertaken when required.

We recommend that you take the option of our Winter Service Programme to keep your irrigation system working well into the future. Our maintenance engineer will decommission the system in autumn and recommission the system in spring. This will prevent any frost damage by purging the pipe work of water using compressed air. In the spring we will ensure that everything is working, check for leaks, ensure valves and pop-ups are working.

Our fully trained engineers are at your service to help with all aspects of aftercare.

Get to know us...

We've prepared a short video to give you and introduction to Watermatic. Meet us and get the view of some of the clients we've worked with on a range of projects.