No job is too small
or too large for our team

Your system will be expertly designed, installed and reliable due to our teams experience and passion for irrigation, horticulture and landscaping, It will be the right type of system for the right price to deliver real satisfaction. We achieve this by taking a partnership approach with our customers and their other suppliers and contractors.

​Our staff and managers are a directly employed, well trained and experienced team that share a vision of a green and sustainable world with people living in harmony with their environment.

​We have the full range of experience required from patios to palaces to large scale commercial projects and public spaces.

We like to get involved right at the beginning of a project

Design is such an important stage as it ensures every aspect of the system like options to harvest rain water, pump sizes, pipework layout and power supply are part of your solution before you get onsite.

This approach helps us to work with Project Planners to maximise value. Our staged installation approach means that important things are not omitted or left as afterthoughts too late to implement.

Our project designers will look to provide: -

  • Feasibility studies
  • Specifications and drawings
  • Performance calculations

A professional fully qualified installation team.

Irrigation installation requires a professional team of engineers with specialist skills ranging from electrical, mechanical and structural engineering. In addition, this only works harmoniously with your team when we apply Watermatics project management skills.

Watermatic specialise in gathering water, using it, applying it, storing it and disposing of it. We install irrigation for both New Builds and Retrofits. This often includes rainwater harvesting and grey water recycling which are increasingly required to help with Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SuDS).


Continuous ongoing support

You get continuous ongoing support and first class maintenance for your system. Watermatic Service Staff are customer focused and fully trained to the highest standard.

We offer maintenance service agreements at specified intervals for maximum performance, reliability and system longevity.


The right solution for your project

Watermatic is a leader in the field of irrigation and supplies a range of solutions and technologies.