Borehole Drilling

With 20,000 litres of free water available to you daily (without an abstraction licence), you can use this water to irrigate your landscape areas, wash your vehicles and wash down your paths.

Borehole Drilling

Borehole drilling
We will arrange a survey and supply you with a proposal to carry out the work. Upon acceptance of our proposal, we will be responsible for drilling the hole, lining it, capping it, installing the submersible pump and associated equipment complete with a purpose built manhole.

Why would you want a borehole? Borehole water is an ideal solution for the use of garden and horticultural irrigation as it provides year-round water to your garden.

A common misconception amongst residential homeowners is that boreholes exclusively used by industrial and large corporations, or there are lots of hidden charges for extracting water. 

The real only cost is the upfront cost of the borehole and regular maintenance as part of our maintenance services.

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