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Garden Irrigation, Automatic watering Systems

Watermatic Ltd design, install and maintain Watering Systems for garden irrigation, landscape & lawn irrigation. Our UK irrigation systems includes sprinklers, drip irrigation (BioDrip) and automatic watering for beds, grass & plants. Working with world best irrigation products and techniques, our professional teams plan & install high quality & cost effective systems for Domestic and Commercial gardens in the UK.

Lawn Irrigation, Grass Irrigation

Watermatic work with landscape design companies to plan and implement the best landscape design, management, and garden design solutions. Watermatic Irrigation solutions ensure the natural equilibrium of the garden and plant life is kept in the optimum most balanced way all year round. Watermatic Irrigation understand the UK irrigation requirements for residential and commerical alike.

Garden sprinkler system

Pop up sprinklers, are suitable for certain types of Lawn Irrigation. Watermatic Irrigation have installed dozens of sprinkler systems for lawn and grass gardens across the UK.

Drip / Sub surface irrigation

Sub-surface irrigation and drip irrigation products have anti-syphon and self cleaning mechanisms. When planning your grass and lawn irrigation note that sub-surface laid irrigation should not be aired as damaged / punctured pipes may be difficult to locate. Topsoil quality should be sufficient for adequate drainage.

It is this realisation of Garden Irrigation solutions that makes our companys' success and professionalism your tomorrow Irrigation solutions. Please contact us today for professional advice.

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Worlds First Green Wall by Watermatic Ltd

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“Providing sustainable solutions for the intelligent use of valuable water”

Watermatic are specialists with the vision, competencies and capabilities to implement the best solutions for the collection, processing and distribution of water.


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complete water management system

Leaders in Smart Water Management in the UK

Residential Irrigation Commercial Irrigation Grey Water Rain water Green Roof Green wall

See where Watermatic have been making a difference
complete water management system

Complete Water Management System

Every small opportunity for a green space in the most profitable business square mile in the world is part of the City of London's mission to attract as much new business as possible.


complete water management system

New Housing Developments

Octagon Development commissioned Watermatic to provide their clients with eco friendly, cost effective automatic watering systems. All plots were individually specified.


complete water management system

Urban and Open Spaces

Looking to substantially reduce their huge costs of daily manual watering and also with water wastage due to the time of day the entire central reservation was watered. The effect of many trees dried the lawns and the circular flower beds which are planted bi annually.