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Rainwater Harvesting

Rainwater Harvesting

These innovative harvesting systems will help conserve increasingly scarce water resources efficiently, responsibly and intelligently. Clearly the benefits can be realised for the environment and for us all.

About rain harvesting

We use the very best of engineering principles together with professional, high quality tested products to ensure your investment in our system will give you a cost effective water efficiency system with reliability to last, and of course a beautifully sustained garden.

Our design team can individually design a simple and effective Rainwater Harvesting system to help irrigate your garden. We have a wide range of options from a small roof collection from your green house or shed to a 55,000 litre galvanised tank for larger needs. We can evaluate the average rain water in your area, work out the size of your roof area and recommend a tank and installation especially to suit you and your garden's needs.

“Watermatic constantly research and install the best products on the market, resulting in durable, cost effective irrigation systems.”

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