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Living Walls ( Vertical Gardens)

Living walls & vertical gardens

Living walls and Vertical gardens are some of the most challenging and rewarding irrigation systems to get right! Watermatic Ltd are the UK leaders in this sector with many successful installations to date.

Green walls

"We can detect faults remotely through our maintenance programme, or alternatively provide customers with the facility to control their systems remotely through GPRS."

Whichever living walls system you choose, the system will require equal water distribution throughout the height & length of the wall, controlled by the latest computerised systems.

Whether the living wall is hydroponic or soil based, the growing environment needs to be perfectly controlled. A liquid fertilizer system together with the automatic irrigation system will make sure that the plants are kept in optimum condition for all to enjoy.

About living walls

Living walls are lightweight so it is possible to set up a living wall garden on any wall, whatever the size. Living walls can be installed outdoors or indoors, in any climatic environment. The plant species selection is determined by prevailing climatic conditions.

About living walls

Watering and fertilisation can be automated. The living wall acts as a sound absorbing and thermal insulating system which also improves air quality.

Watermatic are big supporters of the living wall industry as living walls provide multiple benefits. Many of the world’s existing installations appear to be primarily motivated by art, and the visual impact they provide. This is important but we believe there are sound ecological reasons to install living walls.

  • Reduction of thermal loading to buildings - lower heating and cooling costs = lower carbon emissions
  • Reduction of urban heat island effect
  • Storm water attenuation - panels can absorb over 30kgs per m2 of rainwater
  • Air purification - plants are efficient filters of pollution - even when used indoors.
  • Noise attenuation - quieter buildings and streets
  • Increased urban diversity - greener cities
  • Ecological habitat increased even with non-native plant species
  • Uplifting effect on those who see it

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