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Grey Water Recycling

Grey Water Recycling

Grey water is non-industrial wastewater generated from domestic processes such as showers and baths. We will be able to give you best advice to find out how you can utilise this water for garden irrigation by designing a system tailor made to suit your budget and your garden’s needs.

Greywater filtering

Can I use Grey water to irrigate my garden?

You can utilise grey water from baths and showers to irrigate your thirsty trees, shrubs and plants, not vegetable gardens though. The most efficient method is via surface or sub surface drip irrigation directing the water to where your plants need it� which is at the root zone, and of course water is directed.

Is it safe?

If the grey water is used directly into the ground (sub surface drip) and within 24 hours, the water does not need special treatment other than minimal filtration to prevent blockages. It contains nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium which are beneficial to plants. It is better for you and the environment to use natural or organic body soaps and shampoos. Bleach or bleach based products should not be used. Instead, use environment friendly cleaning agents in bathrooms as these are biodegradable and have no damaging additives.

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