Watermatic ‘Aerogation’ Active Green Wall System

The next generation of Active Living Walls Brought to you By Watermatic LTD.

Living walls, also known as vertical gardens & Green Walls are some of the most challenging and rewarding systems to get right! Watermatic Ltd are the UK leaders in this sector with many successful installations to date. Whichever living wall system you choose, our specialist installers are your experts! We also specialise in irrigation for it’s complexity maintenance as every system will require equal water distribution throughout the height & length of the walls, controlled by the latest computerised systems.

For more information about Aerogation please visit our dedicated website or contact us.

Watermatic & Optigreen Roofs

Watermatic Ltd are leading the pack in technology and expertise when it comes to design, installation of Green Roofs including irrigating different levels of complexity of green roofs, podiums and other high level areas. This vast experience made our company the preferred choice for supplying and installing green roofs & irrigation solution within the green roof industry.