All about landscape irrigation

One of the most important steps in maintaining a healthy landscape is effective and automated irrigation system. A properly watered lawn and garden is more resistant to pests and other lawn problems. By developing a water-efficient lawn and garden irrigation, you can maintain a healthy and beautiful landscaped garden that benefits you, your maintenance and the environment.

A water-efficient landscape starts with plant selection. Choosing plants adapted to the area will help your landscape be both beautiful and water-efficient. Plants native to your area typically require less maintenance and smaller amounts of pesticides, fertilisers, and supplemental water. Keep in mind, though, that newly established landscaping will require more water than an established area. Adjust your watering schedule according to the needs of your plants. This is where efficient planing and installation of proper irrigation systems installed by Watermatic will ensure water supply to all your plants and lawn needs with just the right amount of water it needs.

The key to watering lawns is to apply water infrequently, yet thoroughly. This creates a deep, well-rooted lawn that efficiently uses the water that is stored in the soil.

The goal of any landscape irrigation system is to provide plants, trees and lawn a sufficient amount of water without wasting any. We can effectively achieve water conservation in your landscape using either sprinkler or drip irrigation systems. To make sure your irrigation system works properly and also conserves water call us to discuss your landscaping needs and plans.