Watermatic Irrigation Specialists - page 5

Free your time...
YeAR Round PeAce oF mInd
A Watermatic system will save you time and effort whilst giving
you peace of mind. You and your family can confidently go on holiday or
stay at home and enjoy your beautiful garden.
Your garden will remain healthier and survive longer with the correctly
controlled application of water.
Tailored irrigation systems optimise growing conditions whilst using water
intelligently and economically.
We combine the best engineering principles, techniques and products with
our expertise to ensure that your system is cost-effective, efficient, reliable
and durable.
Precise amounts of water are delivered according to soil composition and
plants’ needs. And, if it rains, the system can switch itself off where a rain
sensor is installed.
Your garden needs us - noW!
Protect your valuable plants, shrubs and trees
against inevitable future water shortages.
We want to thank you and
all the team at Watermatic
for the excellent service you
have provided. The work is
of a high standard and your
engineers on site have been
a pleasure to work with. We
look forward to working
with you again on more
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